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3D software

There are a number of 3D (OpenGL) applications currently available on Darwin that can be used with VirtualGL. These modules may require updating for CSD3 but remain accessible.

Please send requests for additional packages to support'at', bearing in mind that proprietary software needs to be properly licensed (to be arranged by your project).

The current list includes:

Software Versions Module Name
(i.e. module load modulename)
(see module help modulename)
Availability on HPCS Systems Website
IDL 6.4
Restricted (4)
ParaView  3.14.1 paraview/3.14.1 Open Source
PyMOL 1.3r2 pymol/1.3r2 Open Source (Python)
Partiview  CVS 2009 Globally available Freely available (Illinois Open Source License)
VisIt 2.3.0 visit/2.3.0 Open Source (BSD)
VMD 1.8.7 vmd/1.8.7b5 Restricted (5)