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Each University of Cambridge user account set up on the Research Computing Service clusters receives an email address of the form:


in order to facilitate communication from the system, or from the system managers. These addresses are provided through the University's managed mail domain service, and are configured to forward messages directly to the email address provided on the application form (unless we are asked to do otherwise).

Please note:

  • the addresses do not provide separate inboxes (mail sent to them is typically delivered to the user's usual inbox corresponding to the ``real'' email address provided at application time);
  • the user's real email address is not visible to other users of the HPC clusters (unless a reply is sent from that email account);
  • if the account name belonging to a local user of the HPC clusters is known, the corresponding address can be emailed from anywhere (not just from within the clusters). Thus the same situation applies as for CRSids of Cambridge users generally; neither should be passed without permission of the owner to someone outside the University of Cambridge.

In addition to the per-username addresses, the obvious addresses (support, webmaster, postmaster, abuse, root etc) are also defined.