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The CSD3 Platform

The CSD3 petascale data centric HPC platform consists of two distinct petascale systems.

The CSD3 petascale data centric HPC platform consists of two distinct petascale systems providing 2.5 petaflops of sustained performance, from 24,000 cores of Intel Skylake, 342 units of Intel KNL, and 360 NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs. In addition it will have 5 petabytes of Intel Lustre parallel filesystem, 10 petabytes of LTO7 tape and 80 nodes of Apache Hadoop.



The main system in terms of capability and flexibility is a Dell EMC and Intel heterogeneous computing and data analytics platform currently referred to as Peta4.

Peta4 consists of four elements:

  1. 1.5 petaflops of heterogeneous compute capability consisting of Intel Skylake x86 (1 petaflops) and Intel KNL (0.5 petaflops) processors:
  • 768 Skylake nodes each with 2 x Intel Xeon Skylake 6142 processors, 2.6GHz 16-core (32 cores per node)
    • 384 nodes with 192 GB memory
    • 384 nodes with 384 GB memory
  • 342 C6320p nodes each with KNL7210 and 96 GB memory.
  • Intel Omni-Path HPC interconnect.
  • Multi-petabyte SSD-accelerated Intel Lustre and large scale Hadoop data analytics.
  • HPC Openstack provisioning of flexible environments and multi-tenanted access.


    The second system is a direct upgrade of the first NVIDIA Tesla K20c GPU Wilkes cluster and provides 1.19 petaflops of computational performance based on 360 NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, in 90 Dell EMC server nodes each with 96 GB memory connected by Mellanox EDR Infiniband.