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Cambridge Service for Data Driven Discovery

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Requesting support

In general, if you experience any problems using HPC Service resources, or if you have a query not covered by the online documentation, please email , or telephone (01223) (7)63517. Email will currently initiate a support ticket generated by JIRA Service Desk. The first time each user does this he/she will be invited to create a password at the web portal ( This is entirely optional because you can simply reply to the emails generated by the service desk; if you do set a service desk password, please do not use your UIS password but set a unique password.

Compilation failures

If you encounter a problem with compilation, please email the support desk with the following information:

  • Which system you are using (Darwin, Wilkes1, Wilkes2, Peta4-Skylake, Peta4-KNL, WBIC/HPHI,...)
  • An explanation of what you are trying to achieve
  • The output of the command module list
  • The exact path to the compilation directory
  • The command you ran which shows the failure (cut and paste)
  • The output of the command showing the failure (cut and paste).

Job failures

If a job fails to run, please try analysing the fault using the following commands:

scontrol show job <jobid>

Also examine the job's slurm-JID.out (output and error) file.

If this reveals no obvious problem, please supply us with the following information:

  • The job ID (squeue will show the jobid while the job is running, but it is also encoded in the name of the slurm-JID.out file)
  • A brief description of the job
  • The path to the directory from which the job was submitted
  • The name and location of the submission script and the exact command used to submit
  • Any error text, and preferably the location of the slurm-JID.out file
  • Any messages you may have received by email about the job.

Application/Library requests

If you would like a library or application installed centrally, please email the support desk with the following information:

  • The name of the library/application
  • The home website of the library/application
  • The reason you would like to have it installed
  • The type of license used by the software (commercial/opensource etc)
  • Any specific requirements (e.g. double precision / single precision).